Placed someway cross between the Art of Noise and his purpleness Prince comes the debut of singer, producer and film composer type Meanwhile, with an astonishing eclectic and funk basted, kooky pop turn of some mighty alluring significance called “Luvletta”.

A new century melt down of 80’s construction by way of cinematic film scores, Meanwhile has ramped up the pint sized ones purple edge with a resounding cavalcade of riotious pop production on a heady mix of some quite cleverly devised retro fusion.

Dare I say that his Purplenesses most current platter of food themed funkiness, hasn’t quite been salivating my tastebuds, but I feel and am sure you all will feel the Rasp-beret pop is alive and surging through this.

In an ultimate indulging pop moment of retro comparability “Luvletta” is firing my guns in nostalgia and galvanised frenzy matched now, as when back in the day M released the revelatory and now iconic disco boogie hotness of “Pop Muzik”.