Rainbow Flame 1


Before you even think it, I haven’t just burst out into sing-a-thon mode of the Donna Summer, Barbra Streisand disco classic duet “No More Tears” (Enough Is Enough)”, but to be honest any day isn’t a bad time to be giving it some of that song.

No, we’re infact exclaiming ENOUGH is ENOUGH! for a much more deserved reason.

You will of course rightly know by now that the 2014 Winter Olympics are due to take place in Sochi, Russia, this Friday 7th February.

In the spirit of showing solidarity to the LGBTI Community worldwide and especially to that of our Russian brothers and sisters, who continue to fight on for equal rights, Berlin based activist group “Enough is Enough” is to stage a peaceful protest in Berlin at the Potsdamer Platz whilst the Olympic Flame is being lit in Sochi.

In Berlin, a rainbow coloured flame will burn right through the entire 2 weeks of the Winter Games in a constant vigil to LGBTI community around the world with the message behind the campaign being “Love Is Not For Propaganda”.

The campaign message being put to song, co-written and produced by one of our EQ favourites K. Bastian of Mollyhaus. Aside from it being in support of a cause so dear to our EQ hearts, this track is also a very good electro pumped dance anthem with all proceeds going to LGBTI projects in Russia.

“Every love is different but the same”

“Love has no strategy, no faith, no view and no ideology”

“Love Is Not For Propaganda”