Lostchild – Interview & Live Footage @ EQ Music Live

From the instant that we first heard newcomer Lostchild’s emotively charged style of electronic pop, it caused us to raise an eyebrow. We knew that there was something very special happening within the music, it literally spoke to us and it was also clear, that the amount of talent he possesses surpasses that of the average unsigned emerging artist these days.

Infact, there was no questioning about it, that when we came to set about planning our next EQ Music Live event that we’d ask Lostchild if he would consider playing our show. You could say, there was pure joy brimming from all parties when Lostchild came back to us with a yes please! It was very humbling also to find out that our EQ Live show would be Lostchild’s debut gig, and even more so a great thrill for Joe Copplestone (aka Lostchild) that he’d be up there as a support Dragonette.

As much as we had suspected, Lostchild came through and gave a truly all round heart-warming performance. Introducing the audience to his soothe kind of endearing pop, from his debut EP “Being Loved When You Know You’re Not Good Enough”. Suffice to say, the audience really warmed to Lostchild. Hard not too, when the performance he gave was so passionately engaging on all fronts.

Chalk this one up as a special moment for everyone who was at EQ Music Live with Dragonette that night in February.

Just before Lostchild went on stage, we had a little chat about his singles “Town” and “Lifeline”, growing up in a small town and how he felt about performing his very first gig opening for Dragonette.