White WomenChromeo’s fourth studio album together has been one that has been heated up the anticipation for, with the upfront promotion of a clutch of singles; “Over Your Shoulder”, “Sexy Socialite”, “Come Alive” (feat Toro Y Moi) and “Jealous” (I Ain’t With it). Not forgetting of course, to mention those TV advertisment soundtrack slots using both “Come Alive” and “Jealous” which have seen extensive coverage on the UK TV screens.

By such action it does set the mind wondering whether the Funk Lordz were pulling out all the stops before the funk party truly begins! Although, a quick hot foot over to Chromeo’s online HQ where the album is freely streaming reveals the answer thankfully to be a resounding no, since the remainder of “White Women” takes in choice cuts of steam rolling funk orientation plucked with a 70’s / 80’s vintage intact.

Special attention should be paid to “Play The Fool, “Hard To Say No” and “Old 45’s”, all of which are especially steeped in a good measure and a half of true disco funk nostalgia.

However, if we are on the look-out for a further potential single then it simply has to fall to “Lost On The Way Home”, the duo’s impressive collaboration with Solange Knowles.

The combination of Dave1’s and Solange’s vocal tones in unison and in compliment to each others is just the smoothest pot of musical duet delight that has all the markings of a surprise late summer hit to grab onto, on the back of the immense surefire dopeness that is “Jealous” (I Ain’t With It).

What was the question I was asking again? Are the Funk Lordz pulling out all the stops before the funk party truly begins? When it comes to “Lost On The Way Home”, it’s surely the case that it is marked down as another successful future single in waiting.

Chromeo tour dates for the UK take in London, Manchester and Glastonbury throughout June.