Photo: Marcus Rico

We recently delved headfirst into the artily contemporary video presentation, which brought “Lonely As A Wolf” by That Girl With Dark Eyes to our attention.

We have now been alerted that in alignment with the recent release of this ace piece of new-wave derived electronica that alongside it’s online digital places of purchase via Itunes and Amazon that it is also currently sitting pretty on Soundcloud for FREE DOWNLOAD.

There is no escaping the fact that “Lonely As A Wolf” transpires as a pristine modelling of nostalgically littered synth driven beats that took us to the realms of New Order, The Cars and Robyn, yet it also leans heavily into the path of new-romanticism with a distinctive flourish of The Human League aura surrounding it.

Regardless of how you’re particularly finding “Lonely As A Wolf” plays out for yourselves, it is tapped chocka full within a dreamy cloud of premium synth pop imagining.

FREE DOWNLOAD: “Lonely As A Wolf” by That Girl With Dark Eyes