Listen to "Sexy People" right now!

Lolene has been on the radar for quite awhile – her latest track "Sexy People" is pretty darn delicious.  I am over the moon to find out too that the electric popster has been signed to Capitol/EMI for a release in 2010 – thus putting her in the category of "next big thing".  You've been told.

Lolene has not been taking it easy since her signing either – she's teamed up with none other than Sam Sparro to remix "Sexy People" that you can listen to over on her MySpace right now.  It's been rockin my iPod for awhile and soon it will be rocking yours…Make sure you check out the other remixes by Static Revenger and Jason Nevins too if you're so inclined to shake your bootay.  I know you are.

Keep an eye on this one sexy bitches.  Something tells me she could blow up.  If you want to get deeper inside her, and I know a few sexy bitches who would, make sure to visit her blog – Lolene's Disco Vagina.

And I thought my blog had a saucy name…bows down.