Patrick Wolf.  Rock God.  Pop Culture Icon.  Man Of Le Glam.

Last Monday night I had the pleasure of attending my first ever Patrick Wolf show at the Electric Ballroom in London's trendy Camden Town.  In the past few years, I've become somewhat fascinated by Patrick Wolf.  His sense of style and deep voice captivated me when his album "The Magic Position" was released.  Patrick was back then, a flaming red-headed pixie man, not afraid to wear bright colours and look moody, and I loved it.  Combine that with a soundtrack of quirky beats and use of unusual instruments creates for just pure artistry.  I kinda took a back-seat with Patrick Wolf back then and watched with a silent curiosity whenever he appeared on UK music shows – singing his signature songs "Accident & Emergency" and "The Magic Position".  He is a mysterious man, agreed, but above all else, he is a true musician who has captured my heart and ears.  Missing him perform this show in London was just, well quite unthinkable.

Having had an opportunity to interview Patrick last December, one thing I realised about him is that he's a deep individual, not afraid of experirimentation and most certainly not afraid to rebel.  This was most certainly the case at the Electric Ballroom.  To my satisfaction, he graced the stage wearing an outrageous signature red outfit and the new bleached blonde do.  The spirit and stage prescence of a young David Bowie was just oozing off him.  He had the swagger of a rock god during "Damaris" and the mystique of a cosmic flower child during "Libertine".  His performance of "Vulture" was purely electrifying – as shocking and undeniabley as rad as the song itself.  My favorite moment of the night was when he sang the one song I was dying to hear, "Who Will" – my personal favourite track from his stellar new folk/rocktronica album "The Bachelor".


Live photo credits: conceal_the_artist

"I'm really not as stuck up as the media to make me out" proclaimed Patrick during the show.  Certainly not an impression I have ever had of Patrick – he seems quite open and expressive and never once did he give the impression of being a diva in the slightest.  During "The Magic Position", Patrick dedicated it to his friend, of which whom he spent many o drunken nights with – being encouraged as she had a flat right above The Underworld.  Patrick also joked that he had been thrown of The Electric Ballroom (perhaps on more than one occasion) because of his over-the-top party antics there.  During the encore of "Hard Times" Patrick dedicated to all of us those who had ever been discriminated against, broken up with and/or bullied.  During "Battle" Patrick made it quite clear that he has no room for homophobes either in his world – I laughed silently knowing of the homophobic scuffle he had last summer during Madonna's "Sticky & Sweet Tour" at Wembley.

Closing out the show with "Accident & Emergency", Patrick put the radio interview he was supposed to do on hold for a few extra minutes to hang out with us which was, very thoughtful.  The whole night just seemed to go by way too fast for me.  I was blown away by this peformance.  I was slightly perturbed that perhaps I didn't know much about Patrick before "The Magic Position" as I became jealous of the Singalong Sallys who knew all the words to "Bluebells" and "Oblivion".  If only I could go back in time, I'd make sure I was a fan from the beginning. 


I highly urge anyone to go and see Patrick Wolf live if you get the chance.  He's touring the US of A this month.  And if you haven't bought your Bandstock yet for "The Bachelor", make sure you do.  Patrick's Bandstock account closed triumphantly last week with a fund of £100,000, raised by fans and private investors – an amazing feat.  Like Patrick too, I felt proud that I had something to do with this album being on the shelves of Fopp this week.  It's truly a work of art from an individual who isn't afraid to push the boundaries of creative freedom and experiementation.

Patrick Wolf – you truly are a star.  Your battles are my battles and may the world forever support what you do – even if the record companies don't. 

Patrick Wolf's new single "Hard Times" is released on July 6th and you can watch the video right here, right now in HQ.