m83With Coachella weekend, there are so many amazing artists to flock to either Vegas or Phoenix, AZ on their way to and from the popular festival. Many that we have come to know and love on EQ Music Blog.

This past weekend came the worst thing that could ever happen to a music fan or let alone a music blogger. Two great bands on the same night. I had to choose between M83 and Miike Snow. When I found out Miike Snow was in town, I already had tickets to M83. Thankfully, my decision was affirmed to be the right choice by my favorite record store, Zia Records as they had a Miike Snow meet and greet before their show in honor of Record Store Day. After meeting Miike Snow I didn’t have to pick, I was going to M83 at the Brooklyn Bowl.

Before the show, I’ll admit I didn’t know as much about M83 as my sister. I thought of them to be more slowly paced than I cared for. Boy, did I ever eat my words that night. The rigging was the most elaborate for the venue that I’ve seen. LED engulfed the stage pulsating with every beat. Along with rotating florescent lighting giving that extra hint of ambiance. As soon as front man Anthony Gonzalez hit the stage, the room lit up into a non-stop dance fest. No one was too good to dance – except the couple next to my sister that would not stop sucking face between songs. What happens in Vegas comes home in 9 months I guess? Regardless of those potential sexual escapades, the music really captured everything I loved about live shows. A proper merger of disco, classic rock, and modern electro felt not only nostalgic, it felt fresh at the same time. Like nothing that has ever graced my ears before. From their most popular single ‘Midnight City’ to their Instrumental works from their latest album entitled Junk, M83 took everyone in that venue on a multi sensory experience. The multiple saxophone and guitar solos, the rigging, the music, a great venue and most of all the dancing. It was a recipe for a perfect night.

After a concert, I usually have emotions that tend to ride very high for a few days. After M83, for the first time ever…I felt emotionally free.

Maybe my sister knew something I didn’t know while she talked me into buying tickets. She knew what I needed. That was the power of music. That was the power of M83.