En Vogue2 

Last Thursday night, I got to see En Vogue for the first time at a packed out Indig02 crowd in London and what a treat it was for me.  I've never got to see En Vogue live in America during their massive hayday as divas supreme, so to witness their big comeback show after 18 years was nothing short of a personal dream come true for me.

It's quite obvious to say that the theme of the night was "A Tribute To The Original Funky Divas" as a huge part of En Vogue's show was all about paying tribute to the likes of Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin and the many other divas who shaped and influence the ladies own signature style.  As you would expect, En Vogue did also sing ALL their hits too – from "My Lovin" to "Free Your Mind" to "Hold On" and even their mega hit "Givin Him Something He Can Feel" which immediately brought me back to the days when the ladies ruled the MTV airways with their massively seductive music video for the song - remember those tight red dresses kids?  Oh yeah. 

After six American Music Awards, seven MTV Video Music Awards and seven Grammy nominations – it's quite fair to say that En Vogue still know how to put on a show and being that the 90's are enjoying so much love right now, the time is right for En Vogue to step back into the music spotlight.  They could certainly teach the new breed of "funky divas" a few things about what it's like to perform with real soul because only real music fans know that what En Vogue delivers is something that's very hard to replicate today in modern pop music.  If you're a product of the 90s have a chance to see En Vogue these days – I highly recommend it and watch out for their 20th Anniversary Greatest Hits package to arrive soon – you know I'll be jamming out to it.