Premise: Zombies take over a petting zoo and a dedicated teacher must save her kiddie students from a bloodbath…

Why I liked it: You know, the zombie genre has been done to death, so going into Little Monsters, my expectations were quite low. However, Little Monsters isn’t your average zombie movie – it’s a zom com! If you’re looking for something light-hearted and you’re already a fan of the horror genre, then give Little Monsters a chance. It’s cute, silly and overall fun cinema.

UK and US release date: Out now on Hulu in the US / UK Theatrical release on November 15th

A Zombie movie has never been so family-friendly!

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Little Monsters
Lupita Nyong'oFun and humourousGreat children actors
A bit sillyPredictableBad zombies
3.4Zom Com!