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Freshly squeezed out of Orange County, indie pop collective The Colourist really have a juicy little drop of sunshine on their hands with their ripe and rippling, jaunty jingletastic taster track “Little Games”.

It’s Blondfire, it’s Foster The People, it’s Chrvches Lauren Mayberry all caught moonlighting on an indie-pop fun-fuelled away day, but of course it really isn’t, but it sounds very much like it should be and it also sounds very much good.

It’s also pumping the adrenaline and prickling up the new music discovery goosebumps of excitement in a throe of unashamed exhilarated abandonment, kicking up the glitterdust whilst raining squaw feathers of indie kindred spirit.

Fill it up. Turn it up.  Turn it around. REPEAT.