Daring the turbulent waters of trying to prove herself as a crossover force in American music, Little Boots is releasing a US only EP called "Illuminations" which will be out in June on Elektra Records.

Hopefully she will have some success in the states, her type of music isn't exactly US-centric but you never know when that crossover hit will ignite, so I wish Little Boots the best of luck with it as her fan-base continues to grow by the second. 

I get asked all the time what I think of her and personally, I think she's ok.  There's no question that she makes some brilliant music, but she hasn't quite clicked with me yet to be honest.  I do like her more than LaRoux though if I'm being brutally honest.  She's no Antigone or Good Natured if you ask me, but Little Boots is alright – from an electronic music perspective – and I get why the electronic music community are going nutzoid over her.

The tracklisting for "Illuminations" will be as follows:
  • New In Town
  • Stuck on Repeat
  • Not Now (U.S. Exclusive release)
  • Magical (Rare track, B Side only previously released on limited UK 7”)
  • Love Kills (Freddie Mercury cover)
  • "New In Town” video and exclusive digital booklet