The former Alphabeaters are doing very well for themselves in their respective solo careers, Anders and Anders of the chirpy Danish pop band recently mesmerised us in a happy haze by the mind-altering, kaleidoscopic beats of debut album “Mind Expansion“. While their lovely fellow band member and frontwoman Stine Bramsen continues to explore the pop trajectory, these days with a developmentally mature outlook and beautiful songs such as “L.A.C.K”. She picks up the reins again with a fresh new single “You’re Not Giving Up” which is enrapturing, me greatly, owing to the Danish singer’s sweet, voluptuous vocals.

Who knew such an empowering song could be this, sophisticated. With integrity and vulnerability in the open, the songstress serves some evocative melancholic, dancefloor filling Scandi-pop. The singer says of the track, “You’re Not Giving Up” is a song about the psychological burden of trying to break free from a destructive, relation. Whether you’re in a dysfunctional relationship or caught in an uneven friendship that is only bringing you down, getting out can be a long and emotional process when they’re just not giving up on you. Some people just, keep luring you in… if you know that feeling this song could creep under your skin.”

Since her time away from Alphabeat Stine has developed a completely new sound, broad appealing but dynamically impacting enough to fill a void. On “You’re Not Giving Up” Stine’s powerful voice acts as the greatest, instrument in the melodic wall of sound of the track. A symphonic collision of big pop hooks and retro-synth flourishes culminate in epic beats. The transformation from bubbly pop princess renewing herself to a feminine solo artist has happened before our very, own eyes.

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