Has Netta‘s big victory with “Toy” at Eurovision ultimately erased all other memory of what transpired during the competition in May of this year? Remember, much as always the Swedish entry “Dance You Off” was once again considered a hot-tip, representative Benjamin Ingrosso garnered a whole lot of support from the elected jury votes yet the same wasn’t reciprocated by the public voters. However, while Netta continues to live off her winning hit, the plan all along was to grow Benjamin Ingrosso into a major pop star. So OK why wouldn’t this be so, when he comes from an impressive lineage of actors, performers and musicians. As, cousin to one-third of Swedish House Maffia, Sebastian Ingrosso, Benjamin already has a family name which directs heaps of attention his way, anyway. He’s just got to settle on a style and sound and grow from there, maybe the singer’s future greatness in pop may continue to increase following the release of “I Wouldn’t Know” his latest single.

Previous to “Dance You Off” Benjamin was peddling was more pop orientated sound than his dancier Eurovision offering. In general music in a pop style makes better use of his skills as a singer-songwriter, and in this respect, you can understand why he’s returned back to this style for the new single.

The melodically driven track has an undeniable pop panache, an insatiable beat and is guided by an incredibly, surging hook line. It errs on the side of the mainstream, is fun yet tasteful, credible and slick. Don’t consider that with not bringing home a Eurovision win Benjamin Ingrosso has slid off the radars just yet, as he’s only just getting started as a bonafide performer in his own right. “I Wouldn’t Know” is another step in getting to know him better and yes, this rising star has got the charisma and the talent to take pop music to the next level.

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