Slow Knights

There’s been a long-standing friendship between Scissor Sisters guitarist Del Marquis and Rod Thomas (aka Bright Light Bright Light) that I know at least to go as far back to the point of Bright Light Bright Light’s initial breakthrough release ‘Love Part II’ whereby, Del guested upon the B-side “Cry At Films”.

Then, again last year we became alerted to the newly assembled Slow Knights project, formed by Del and featured of a pool of NYC musicians, including Rod and soulful pop singer Bridget Barkan both of whom now step–up to front of house on “Without You” the collectives return offering in readiness for the next album instalment due Spring 2015.

We know Rod has a soothingly gentle, yet by the same token powerful approach in projecting emotional filled pieces to their fullest, (as it’s what we’ve quite come to admire him for). In joining vocal forces with the relatively new to us Bridget Barkan, the contrasting dynamic’s at play between Rod / Bridget’s vibrant and passionately drawn soulful vocal act in support of highlighting the wholehearted sentiment of which this glisteningly elegant mid-tempo ballad holds at it’s core.