I’ve been a touch hesitant with Upsahl before. But no more. The singers latest single “Wish You’d Make Me Cry” has stirred up a lot of enthusiasm in me. Comparable to how I felt when my ears first locked in with Marina, who at the time was still sparkling away with her diamonds. I remember Raj being quite uncertain about Marina until she released “Hollywood“. While I, on the other hand, couldn’t get enough of the indie-pop songstress. Similarly, my warming to Upsahl took some time to come about. I see now, everything that my PR contacts were desperate for me to see in her. Well, they were properly, correct to keep on pushing Upsahl’s music under my nose.

Only this time, no-one wrote in to tell me about “Wish You’d Make Me Cry“, it popped up on my YouTube feed, all by itself. If this had been the first track by the singer that a PR had approached me with, two years ago. Make no mistake I would have jumped on the Upsahl bandwagon straight away. I love that the song is feisty and doesn’t paint being in love, as being awash with hearts and flowers. Some people, who are rather like myself do not prefer the princess treatment. This kind of behaviour drives, us nuts, because it’s just not real to us. I guess this something both Upsahl, and I have in common.

This song is the bomb. It’s pounding, bass-heavy melody sure woke me up. The lyrics are truly brilliant as well. Stinging, but indeed brilliant. Listening to the words of the chorus, “Sometimes, I wish you’d make me cry. Sometimes, I wish that we could fight. Tell me, don’t you hate it? Perfect’s overrated. Tell the nice guy to give me a taste of my own medicine. I wish you’d me make me cry”. Felt as though one hundred fireworks were going off in my brain. Cards on the table, I need lots more pop like this to colour my life. But if Upsahl is the only one I can call upon to see me right, I’d like to put in an early request for another EP release before the year is out.

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