He has had a crazy fun week, supporting Dagny on tour, recently. So it is no wonder that the thrill of performing live has left jens in the mood to pop out another new track. On this occasion more than any other, we find him reaching into his repertoire and giving us a look at an entirely different side of his artistry. To date, he has given us a stream of pop releases to immerse ourselves in, and now the time has come to turn tack, pare back and launch a ballad. “Wish I Was Right For You” is where we will not only hear his lovely vocals as clear as a bell but also be gripped by every, emotion in his voice.

Of the song, jens says…

“Sometimes you find yourself having to let go of someone that means a lot to you. Finding yourself left with a whole lot of questions, and too few answers. “Wish I Was Right For You.” is me being really honest about some things, I wish I would have said to that ‘someone’ a long time ago.”

The song is tenderly spirited, touching and revealing. As a way of tapping into the poignantly, emotive account, the piece starts off very gently with jens accompanied by the notes of a piano only. As the song progresses, an orchestral arrangement joins in, adding to the heartfelt mood. While I was listening to the track more than a few times. It occurred to me that it has the same kind of majesty and sparkle, which you would similarly find on the soundtracks which are used in the John Lewis Christmas adverts. The countdown must be on for the retail giant to begin rolling out their festive campaign. In the past, virtually unknown artists have been used, might jens be a contender perhaps, or will hot-tip Lewis Capaldi scoop the accolade?

Either way, I won’t be placing a bet because “Wish I Was Right For You” doesn’t need to secure the placement in an advert to get me invested, in it. As I am captivated with the beautiful song and jens spellbinding voice, alone.

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