I cannot hide my delight of grooving along to this French Braids track featuring none other than Frankmusik.

French Braids is Canadian multi-talented producer/creator Sean Fischer who originally comes from a background composing music for film and tv. Over the past year, Sean has turned his attention into remix work and had his sonic re-imaging of Zara Larsson’s “Lush Life” featured as an official remix.

Wildfire“, with Frankmusik stands proud as French Braids debut release. I don’t know what brought these two musicians to work together, but I do know they have a nice little groove going on here on the track. There is a warmth to the melody which lands the piece at a crossroad between the mainstream and the clubs. Having Frankmusik as featured vocalist is a good way to up your profile. Let’s face it, it’s rather fitting that the role has gone to someone who also comes from a production based background for once.

On first listen I was feeling the grooves and intently listening to the soulful tones of Frankmusik’s on-point vocal but on second listen I was obsessed.

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