Swiss Lips

Let’s not dwell on the fact that we’ve waited the whole year out without any sign of the much anticipated Swiss Lips debut album making an appearance, because Christmas has come early for fans of blithe anthemic electro-pop in general and especially so of the laddish pop five.

Since the bands last gifted pop offering of “Fight 4 What U Need” almost a year ago, we understand that the forced embargo placed on the band releasing music has now been resolved. i.e. presumably meaning they are now free of their record deal and are now in a position to re-commence slaying with their infectious brand of head buzzing, care free pop. So YAY for that!

As a keen follower of the band myself, it is warming to know that fan favourite “Books” is being lined up as the next official single and already has a video in the can waiting to go. Whoop!

Prior to “Books” kicking off though, Swiss Lips acknowledge their sterling and unwavering fan support by first sharing “Wilderness” another track that hasn’t made it onto the album shortlist, but is nonetheless plumped to ripeness with Swiss Lips signature electro-pop goodness and irresistible sing-a-long refrains to get our chops around.

Aptly it seems that Swiss Lips are back from the pop music wilderness and are putting an end to their musical drought with a more than acceptable, really quite slaying, hook heavy, sparklingly unabashed electro-pop FREE DOWNLOAD.

Hoorahs all round!!

FREE DOWNLOAD “Wilderness” by Swiss Lips