It’s been a fair while since the 2012/2013 releases, of “Pass Out” and “Take It Like A Man” which first brought Albanian pop siren Bleona to my attention. And, while I haven’t been continuously in the loop with the music, I do recall the glamorous singer, famously known as “The Madonna of Albania”, was the first Albanian artist on iTunes with all her albums and singles consistently reaching #1. However, she hasn’t stopped transforming herself into a global phenomenon. Which is why I think it’s prudent that we pause to think about the current pop charts, which are teaming with acts with Albanian connections such as Dua Lipa, Bebe Rexha and Rita Ora. Surely Bleona is also due, some cross-over recognition. Therefore maybe vibrant and upbeat, dance single “Wicked Love” will help get her name and music out there even further than it has travelled before.

Typical of her colourful character “Wicked Love” doesn’t hold back from bringing out a playful side of her persona. On the infectiously seductive anthem, she sings wistfully about being consumed with thoughts of missing a special someone. For once the track’s not another heartbreak, pop song but is neither clear whether the person she’s having dirty thoughts about is explicitly hers, to begin with. Although, we do know from the lustful lyrics and the cheeky technicolour light they’re beaming that she’s missing them a real, real lot.

What has always been clear about Bleona is she’s a dance-pop diva who just, wants to have fun with her music. She’s certainly all of that with a side order of sauciness on “Wicked Love.”

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