Asher Monroe

We quite already got the pop party going with Asher Monroe’s recent On My Way” (Part 1) EP when hot on its heels trumps another “On My Way” (Part 2), completing the lead-in to the hotly anticipated album release no less, which is to follow. (And a chorus of YES! ascends from EQHQ)

The Part 2 sister release arrives, approached with a notably more encompassing upbeat feel to it than its previous counter-part, which came in concentrated towards showcasing a couple of embracing swoon-worthy ballads found nestling within the heart of the EP.

In ascension Part 2 kicks off on an almost euphoric footing, pumped up in the urban swaying dynamics of “Soulmate” before it reaches another of Asher’s collaborative efforts the Sean Kingston assisted hip-hop effecting soul jam “Fucked Up”.

Much like its partner, “On My Way” (Part 2) is revealing of a soft centre too, formed of the heartening ballad “Nobody Else”, following on to complete the impressive soundtrack through the urban disco of “Sign Your Love” and the powering emotive number “Bye Bye”.

Seriously if all these wonderfully fabulous tracks are acting in some part as warm-up, Asher’s album is really setting itself up as being quite the something, we’ve been hoping it might be.

Wanting more insight on theses EP releases and news on the upcoming album from the man himself? This awesome interview with the folks at Popcrush is the place to absolutely be heading too!