Asher Monroe

You might have recently caught us in the act of supposing that singer/songwriter/actor Asher Monroe might be readying to drop an album sized music bomb on us. It appears we weren’t too far off the mark of assumption as to the #MonroeMonday social media campaign Asher had been leading, half-way there it would seem, since a new music release has indeed landed over the festive season in the format of a 5 track EP.

Unbeknown to myself the track “On My Way” which I selected for feature during the running #MonroeMonday campaign actually forms the EP’s title track whilst the mini album also features the Chris Brown collaboration of “Memory” that was singularly released on it’s own focus earlier during the year.

Being of the opinion that the EP release might have swooped under the radar during the general bustle of end of year preparations, let us take in another of its stellar sounding tracks.

My further dibs goes to the swooping sentiment fuelled mid-tempo ballad “Again”, which further acts to showcase Asher’s dynamic vocal strength, delivered of sensitivity and all outreaching pop sensibility. Coming in as “On My Way Part 1’s” more intimately connecting track, “Again” is a magical melody moment or two of Asher Monroe as his charismatically captivating best.