Congratulations are in order. Just a week ago the Reyna track “Heartbeat” hit the one million streams milestone on Spotify. A clear indication that the duo is now going places fast. (Hey, haven’t we always known they were going places anyways?) Since they released “Heartbeat” there has been a flurry of action around them. They have recently signed with Hard 8 Working Group Management, who also look after Billie Eilish, All Time Low and Rozes. Which is another step in the right direction to get their tracks on the fast-track to radio and on some of the most influential the Spotify playlists. For this first to happen, Vic and Gab need to come up with some new music. But, as you’ve probably guessed because I am writing about them. The ladies have new things in the pipeline and actually, have a new song out today. It is called “The Way I Loved You“, they recorded it at the Legendary Capitol Records Studios.

Reyna’s specialities are breezy indie-pop songs with an additional smattering of synths. True to form, these are the grooves the Banuelos sisters give us on the new song.

Although the track is perfect summer listening. As is always the way with Reyna. There is a lot to be said in their autobiographical lyrics.

Victoriah further explains…

“When I went to Mexico for college, I was just beginning to discover myself and feeling comfortable with my sexuality. I fell in love hard for a girl I met, and it was the most intense, young crazy love you could imagine. I ended up breaking her heart and simultaneously breaking my own for a very long time. “TWILY” is about wanting to love someone new with that same intensity, without caution or fear. But, it’s almost impossible because every new relationship you’re more and more guarded. It’s almost like you’re protecting your heart instead of letting yourself fall in love.”

It is fantastic to see these ladies show off their songwriting credentials. Sharing their slice of life experiences and reassuring their listeners they are not alone in figuring out how the whole life and, living, thing works. Teaming these skills with wonderful musicality Reyna seems to have this formula down to a science. They sure know how to get us craving more of what their band has to offer.

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