Asher Monroe

We know that Asher Monroe has been working towards his debut album long time, but could it be about ready to pop?! Well the recent unveiling of #MonroeMonday new music releases via Asher’s social media platforms has got us of the assumption that it might just be an imminently happening thing.

It seems since Asher’s mega collaboration with Chris Brown on “Memory” earlier this year, that he was got back on track with lending his emotively outreaching vocals to the urban fusion of pop styling that also previously came to light through previous release “Hush Hush”.

Whilst the soundtrack and melody could have easily been sampled from one of Taio Cruz’s greatest hits, newest track unleashed “On My Way” has Asher killing me in an urban pop frenzy of heart bursting delight at his impressively deployed top-tier falsetto nuances.

Superb pop music like this from Asher Monroe, is quite making me wish that every day right now could be a Monday.