It sucks a bit when a favourite band of ours calls it a day. Before we’ve had the time to cry a few tears over the demise of Girl Friend. Former band member Eleanor and her debut track “All I Want” is slapping a big happy smile back on our faces.

Eleanor takes us down to the disco with “All I Want” back with the shimmery synths and hedonistically embodied pop which suits her dreamy vocals, exquisitely. The sting of bittersweet that we know and love Eleanor for is there in the lyrics as she reveals her feelings on how modern relationships work.

Not mincing her words, Eleanor alluringly coos, “Good boys are boring I want an edge even if I hurt myself it’s worth it in the end”. “All I want is someone to play it cool. That’s what I want because kindness can be cruel. All I want is to feel a little used. And sometimes that’s all I want from you“.

The modeling career and singing career remain the focus of Eleanor’s ambitions. The Manchester lass has always achieved this with effortless ease and continues to exude the same stylish coolness as she embarks on her solo venture. Thank goodness we haven’t lost out on Eleanor Neish-Melling’s distinctive vocals and playful lyricism bringing a dose of individuality into new pop.

Find Eleanor on:
Twitter: @Eleanornm_