Dev has hit us up with a surprise. Her sophomore album “I Only See You When I’m Dreamin’” is out in September. Naturally, the sassy word-playing, hip-pop momma is spilling out some new tracks before the album arrives.

If there is one thing we’ve come to know about Dev, it is that she won’t settle for any less than the juiciest cuts making it onto the album. To up the excitement levels, Dev has dropped three new tracks in the space of one week flat.

Of the three new tunes, I’m feeling the heat on “All I Wanna Do” the most. It has that hint of old school Dev-like urban appeal yet, comfortably fits into the realm of pop. “All I Wanna Do” comes pumped with a funky bassline and slaps the hip-pop grooves hard. If Dev had given the track away to anyone else, Ariana Grande would do it the best justice.

Allow the spunky homemade blend of electronic pop with danceable hip-hop of “All I Wanna Do” in, and I’m sure you won’t need any further encouragement to discover the delights of “Come At Me” and “Drunk Texting” by yourselves.

Find Dev on:
Twitter: @devishot