Recently pop newcomer KELLA attracted quite a lot of attention with her debut release “Trainwreck.” The track replete with a throwback synth-pop sound, honeyed vocals, and captivating lyrics did a fine job of putting the LA-based artist on the map. It was never her intention to leave us snacking on just the one taster track for too long. Her blossoming story in pop continues as she keenly serves us follow-up release “Wanna Be Bad” today.

Bright melodies are firmly on the agenda for Kella, she looks to some of the best in pop for influence and inspiration, Max Martin, Britney and Christina. Touching on only a little of their special pop magic, she has hit upon a vibrant style of her own. Helping her shoot to the top in the Swedish/American styles she loves. Kella has worked on these debut tracks with Swedish producer Johannes Andersson – (“Frozen Frames” – Hannah Jane Lewis) Specifically, with regard to the latest single, Kella elaborates…

“I wrote “Wanna Be Bad” with Sophie White and Drifta in London after she sent me a message on Instagram particularly seeking ‘badass girls to write badass pop songs with’. I was instantly drawn to her and this came from the first session we did together. We all wanted to capture that nostalgic ‘high school romance’ theme where the good girl falls for the bad boy and instantly thought Johannes Andersson could help bring it to life.”

This track sounds like pure sunshine to me and has definitely captured the effervescent spirit of the sassy song lyrics. It takes throwback vibes and marries them with timeless writing. Has a very modern approach to music production and vocal performance. Every way I look at it, it is a pure pop triumph. I suggest you continue to look out for this talented, versatile and vibrant singer/songwriter while she begins to make a name for herself across both sides of the Atlantic. As I have a very good feeling, about Kella.

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