Who said electronic, dance-pop music was going through a bit of a dry spell this summer? Maybe it is just me, thinking aloud! At present, it doesn’t seem as there are many melodically upbeat offerings which fall in-between hands-in-the-air anthems and thoughtful pop songs, in comparison to previous summers. In this respect, Lena Leon by way of debut single “Walls” is bucking the trend. The track, the platinum songwriters first stab as a solo artist, bridges this gap. Featuring, production strokes from, house influenced DJ/producer Kastra, alongside guest vocals by Andy Tongren (Young Rising Sons). The collaboration has created a much appreciated vibrant soundscape. Worthy of bringing some much-needed heat to 2019, summer playlists.

Critically acclaimed singer, producer and audio engineer Lena, has penned songs for Tiesto and Spencer Ludwig. She has racked up millions of plays on Spotify, as well as reaching #1 on the charts around the globe. Inevitably the next progressive route she could take would be going for the break as a solo artist. Even though she has the company of Kastra and Andy Tongren on her debut effort. Lena’s prowess as a lyricist, delivering meaningful statements in her songs and as a thoughtful vocalist, shine out.

Walls” is a song which charts the heartache, of a break-up.

The songstress explains, “Walls” represents both the walls of the room the couple lived in together and the walls they created between themselves. The lyrics tell a story of two people packing their bags, and moving out of the place they lived together after they’ve decided it wasn’t working out between them”

I want to leave this thought I had with you, while you give the track a spin. I am especially finding it interesting Lena has passed the opening lines of the track, over to Andy Tongren. Maybe it is because she has become accustomed to writing for other artists.

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