The NYC duo Fly By Midnight are running on cracking form at the moment. They really wanted to give us a song for the summer. With the intention that we take advantage of ramping up the volume. To have the track pumping out from our car stereo’s as we relax at the weekend or while taking our holidays. They came up with “Waking Up“, an undeniably, ebullient blast of electronic pop bound by feel-good grooves.

The band who have been working on new material and travelling explain…

“We wrote it during one of our first trips to LA. The song in itself is a moment of bliss and realisation that we were really feeling in many different ways at the time.” – Fly By Midnight

In many ways when you listen to the lyrics of this song, it’s as though we are hearing someone paint their daydreams into life. The ideas which evoke the thoughts of what paradise could be or is (being different for every one of us). By enjoying the simple pleasures in life, like sharing the company of someone dear and cherished. Having money and wealth does make living easier but is nothing compared to the happiness of spending time with someone you really connect with. The guys of Fly By Midnight certainly woke up on this train of thought when they wrote the song.

The euphorically drenched style which is implemented in the track is, quite unlike anything the duo have previously entered into. It is very danceable and catchy. So as it won’t take long to burrow its way into our long-term memory cycle. When Justin and Slavo of the duo finished writing “Waking Up” they knew they had to release it as soon as summer arrived. Because of the song vibes and being a hella hot tune. They couldn’t sit on it until the rest of the sophomore album they are working is ready to go. As independent music artists, they have control over such things. I think they have totally made the right decision. It’s a bop!

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