“Volcano” by Swedish duo Storme is an absolute gem of a track which made its way onto the internet during the past few days. It is the second release for the fast-rising electronic pop duo comprised of vocalist Amanda Liedberg and producer Gabriele Mazza, who first stirred up interest last year with effervescing debut “Burning Echoes“. Even though their existence is still somewhat, in its infancy, Storme is already well on their way to keep the Swedish reputation for excellent musicianship intact.

Standing at a year apart, both of the duo’s singles are equally standout releases which strike a balance between catchy melodies and strident electro-pop with a twist of icy cool. “Volcano” has a slightly more commercial edge than its predecessor, in that it’s danceable and catchy, but with an audibly beating heart. It piques my interest because it bleeds in a similar vein taking a little of the trademark styles of shivery Scandi pop alchemist Vanbot and ethereally alluring Danish songstress Kill J.

In fact, the collaborators haven’t missed a trick with “Volcano“, the intro sets off on a beguiling footing with airy synth tones and hushed vocals creating an edge of mystique. But it isn’t long to wait before the senses are shaken awake by a gleaming assuredness which comes leaping into life with an unfurling wave of epic and uplifting synths. It is a staggering, statement of intent despite being only the duo’s second release, but brings to light an intriguing new pairing who are nonetheless, ridiculously talented in all areas of musicality. As a band who seemingly appeared out of nowhere, the duo is breaking ground, breathing fresh life into electronic pop maintaining the intellect, depth and dynamism we’ve come to expect from Nordic music.

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