Are we ready to drift away in dreamy, bliss on a hot and balmy summers day? They may have been around for but a minute, but newcomer trio Little Grace wouldn’t have it any other way with the release of their sophomore effort “In Ur Eyes.” The outfit who describe themselves as hailing between Liverpool and Manchester, blend a little soul into their contemporary brand of pop styling. It is everything you’d want to hit play on when just lazing around in hot weather, be it on the beach, soaking up the sun or winding down before a disco nap.

The band’s sound is influenced by genres ranging from Motown, 80’s synth pop and post-2000’s electronic and R&B. They gently fuse these elements together with a subtle, use of electronic technology. An intricate tapestry of beats interwoven on top of each other, creating something that is at once intimate and alluring. It is a soundtrack which also fans a breezy air of sonic indie-pop cool.

During the songwriting process, the band found themselves losing trust in a lot of people they deemed important to them. Thus, prompting them to draw inspiration by discussing the honesty and truth you can gauge from a person’s eyes. You know what they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul. In body language terms they are tell-all expressive, if not being entirely truthful your guard will always be down unless you are wearing your sunnies. When writing this track Little Grace obviously, caught out their dishonest offenders on a cloudy day. Not to cast light on the disheartening topic of the song, the trio raises a lot of bittersweet truths about human nature and love. It’s all connected by the defining element that is the trio’s creative DNA. Ear soothing pop that draws comparisons to MDNGHT and Fred Falke.

Connect with Little Grace
Twitter: @littlegraceuk