It was looking like it was going to be another really, bleak New Music Friday this week with regards to electronic pop releases but, I was determined as always, to look beyond Friday’s, obvious mainstream marketed singles to find a gem or two which might otherwise fly under the radar. Making anything but consistently good electro-pop has never been an issue for Penguin Prison, after years of popping out consummate synth built tunes not a lot changes on the new one “Turn It Up“.

Like so many that have gone before it “Turn It Up” is bright, breezy and uplifting, comes at the right time to fill the void left by this year’s crop of summer anthems drawing to a close. It’s the perfect track to switch up and, bop your booty too for those of us who still have a dance within us after partying our way through the festival season over the past few months.

With the days shortening and the skies becoming uninvitingly greyer and drab, we can all do with a tune like “Turn It Up” to keep our spirits from flagging. If you listen to the lyrics of the song, you’ll understand that this is what Penguin Prison has been hoping to achieve with his latest toe-tapper all along. Chris Glover (aka Penguin Prison), has a talent for uncomplicated, catchy songwriting, as well as a vocal which is deep and emotive yet, still has a poppy sensibility. It’s the kind of magical formula lovers of pop music are receptive too and wins again on this perky song.

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