Our first encounter with Australian electronic pop artist Just Shy came via the newcomer’s debut effort “I Am Here.” The release introduced us to a soothing, shimmering synth encrusted sound and gave us a glimpse of the burgeoning singer/songwriter/musicians, personal style of songwriting. The dreamy disco-pop number also revealed a keen ear as a tunesmith and melody maker. I am pleased to see follow-up “Maybe I Can Turn This Night Around” is similarly following in the same melodically soothing signature traits.

The mood is contemplative and the realisation of being “half-drunk at a house party, willing yourself to either find some miraculous source of enjoyment or leave to embrace that looming melancholy feeling.” Is the source of the poignantly, delivered offering, explains the emerging artist, of the song. Citing music influences in the Pet Shop Boys and Troye Sivan, the lyrical feel of his work is introspective, yet nightclub appropriate. This intoxicating, velvety slow burner plays out very well indeed.

Amid a seasonal, saturation of summer soaked anthems Just Shy’s themes of introspection, sadness and melancholy sound especially human. In the song “Maybe I Can turn this Night Around“, his sincerity, lyrically, not just musically, is admirable. From start to finish the philosophical tone lends well to the slick sonic design of the songs soundscape, creating an enchanting electro-pop track of heart-tugging force.

Here is an artist who likes to pour purposeful emotion into his songs to create something original, touching and undeniably compelling. It’s a good sign from an up-and-coming artist who manages to mix light and dark with interesting production and an effortlessly lovely, pop sensibility. There’s an earnestness here you simply can’t fake, it openly demands our attention.

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