When three Swedish producers team up in collaboration, the thrill of anticipation reaches new heights of expectation. When Adrian Lux features alongside that of Robyn collaborators Savage Skulls, we know the production is going to be huge and of the highest order.

I wasn’t expecting a venture into a deep house sound as it is quite the departure from the norm for Lux. If this smooth jam is the result of Lux coming out from his comfort zone, not only is it a pretty monumental moment, but the Savage Skulls influence and assistance has also given Lux a new lease of life. The slinky beats and hypnotic bass on “Trust Me” cultivate a haunting and evocative sound. Soul’s seductive vocal finishes the track off with a steamy and sensuous allure, best suiting the mood of this nocturnally-orientated, disco delight made for the after midnight hours on the dance floor.

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