It doesn’t matter what Kate Boy do or how long they take a break from releasing music their signature style is so consistently identifiable have previously found in singles like “Midnight Sun” and “Open Fire” that there is no mistaking that the Australian/Swedish duo are the orchestrators behind the beats. In 2015, the group released debut album “One” which excelled with a glacial, methodical and progressively charged feel. They returned with a new offering “True Colours” last New Music Friday and although it is not so, obviously a beat stomper as their previous work Kate Akhurst’s airily strung vocal remains distinctively recognisable.

True Colours” was introduced on the duo’s Facebook page as the first song from the new music they have been working on. The track echoes with a sonic yet, cold artistic precision channelling late night vibes but upholding the icy presence we expect to hear from the pairing. The almost whispered lyrics speak of a yearning to reveal more of themselves, without a filter, speaking and acting freely as an act of liberation while the subtle energy of the track, continues to rumble beneath.

As with the majority of Kate Boy’s work, the song has a lovely rhythmic drive which is an intoxicating blend and euphoric release that helps to reaffirm their desire to challenge and experiment. Combining potent soundwaves and an electrostatic bassline, bordering on the dark side yet, glowing with immaculate, production. The smooth and soulful harmonies between the vocals and electronic soundscape will draw you in with nods of heart-on-sleeve emotion and head-first into a slow-burning but epic jam of blissed out escapism.

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