Recently I wrote about spunky pop duo Cherryade’s acerbic track “Blah Blah” because it has a tongue-in-cheek swagger to it that I found quite humorous and authentic, in a wholly British manner. And in my opinion, it was the best duo’s best effort to date. The colourful pop duo from London couldn’t resist squeezing another release out, maybe in readiness for party season? They launch “My Town” with all the sass, youthful verve and bouncy energy that will continue to get them noticed.

Alex’s popping production is off the leash with abandon on the lively track, the duo has got all the burners out, in this respect. Ella’s, authoritative pop voice, is sharp as a tack and doesn’t get lost among the bubbling electronics and general va va voom which has more fizz than a cellar stocked full of Champagne. “My Town” has all the sparkle and upstart attitude that Icona Pop started out with and, have since found it hard to shake off and grow into new styles of music.

Musical misfits Cherryade are living in the moment and are striding forward with aplomb. They wade in on current topics, lifting the lid in their own, inimitable way without skirting around important issues. They are firecrackers not afraid to start a fire and light up the pop scene with riotous electro-clash anthems and are emerging from the pop underground with no holds barred. I am continually warming to Cherryade for, raising awareness in a language and style the youth understand. The kidadult in me is secretly enjoying getting off its head to poppers o’clock electro-pop sound of “My Town“.

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Twitter: @cherryademusic