Nashville trio COIN has been gaining ground by way of their immaculate alt-pop tracks. Their music has taken them to far-flung destinations and places which are close at hand. They’ve toured with alternative-pop high profilers The 1975 and Walk The Moon. As, they prepare to launch their third studio album “Dreamland” (release: February, 21st) they are dropping off a new tune. Clearly, COIN has given this track release some proper thought by opting to add two extra u’s in “Youuu,” as it will be much easier to find the song in a Google search, or elsewhere online. Being as we are a community who generally freak out over, electronic and synth-pop. We really ought not, overlook this brilliant indie song with its towering wall of synths.

The track “Youuu” definitely takes COIN on a new trajectory. As the band were at one time putting out music which fell in line with the heart-pounding indie style of Bleachers and the giddy indie of Passion Pit. With “Youuu” the trio are offering up something entirely different. Crisp guitar strokes with ebullient electronic elements teamed with the soft rock edge of Chase Lawrence (lead vocalist) voice. A style, which when described and written down on paper, doesn’t sound half as good as when listening to the full magnificence of the audio stream, below.

Ushering in an alt-pop album has never sounded as good as with this latest COIN offering. A song, written about moving on from a relationship gone sour by hooking up, with, a new love, who so happens to not only resemble the ex, visually but in other niche ways as well (smell, touch, etc.) The anthem sets the touch-paper is alight on this sticky situation, and I smell danger here. Life and love tribulations aside, “Youuu” is an arresting offering. An alt-pop, heavy hitter that proves to be captivating, as it is provocative. Although it would be easy to get swept up in just this track, don’t be forgetting the new music from COIN doesn’t stop here, there is “Dreamland“, the album following on swiftly, in its wake.

To coincide with “Dreamland”, the band will embark on an extensive 22-date US tour in March and April, before coming to the UK for a series of shows in May. For all live dates, see here

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