Charli XCX

 By Mandy Rogers

The one time Franchesckaar freshling Charli XCX has really come into her own over the last year. From her angsty beginnings Charli XCX has musically matured into a notorious force of alt-pop creditability reigning in the angst a touch, to shine as a beacon of niched feisty flavoured alternativeness and peddler of the insanely infectious hooky tune.

Alas, all the big stuff seems to be happening in the first instance in America, but as we wait out for the release of the stonkinkly more hot than hot “You’re The One” on August 19th  (UK) we should get familiar with the absolutely divine remix from current US tour co-headliner St. Lucia.

The punchiness of the original makes way for a triumphant re-work in balearic ambient wonder that drips with cascading jewels of majestic synth shimmering opulence.

Stirring, beguiling, chilled and 100 % MAGNIFICENT!