Nicole Scherzinger, former lead vocalist of The Pussycat Dolls, has had a tough time getting her well-deserved solo career off the ground. Despite seeing moderate chart success with singles including “Right There”, “Don’t Hold Your Breath” and “Wet”, the former The X Factor judge has yet to release a proper debut album in the U.S since her group’s disbandment.

That could all change with the help of a new record label and new urban-dance/pop single, “Your Love“. Produced by Tricky Stewart and The Dream, the new summer-ready track is built around an infectious “ohh-do-do-do” chorus and lyrics of affection. The song is upbeat, unique, uncomplicated and compliments the artist’s vocals well, setting up the beginning of a solid new album cycle.

Something ’bout you so enticing, even when I try to fight it, knock me out like Michael Tyson, I’ll do whatever you want,” Scherzinger seductively sings as the ever-changing production and the progression of the new single comes off sounding messy and distracting, but ultimately works to provide interesting layers to the otherwise typical love track.

Your Love” is another well-crafted, fresh start for Scherzinger, a talented vocalist who has unfortunately not gotten much recognition. Her new single appears to be natural, unforced and a good sign that the artist’s flame is burning bright once again.