Sampling music is a special art. When a producer remixes a song the original version is still the focus. Samples however draw your attention to the producer and their creative interpretation of small snippets from another tune. Sampling is most associated with hip-hop music but many electronic producers have mastered this fantastic skill. Brighton-based producer Tourist successfully revamped Aaliyah’s “If Your Girl Only Knew” into his electronic track “Your Girl.” The sample fits perfectly into the peaceful electronic tempo without shifting your attention away from the producer. The Aaliyah flashback is certainly what caught my attention, but the flawless production is what made me play on repeat.

Tourist is set to release his new EP “Tonight” on February 18. His chilled out electronic style can transform any room into an electric heaven. Tourist flawlessly creates a futuristic sound by experimenting with sounds and samples without getting noisy. He has mastered combining smooth build ups with gentle landings. It is no surprise that the two singles released from “Tonight” have received rave reviews from fans.

The title track is a great introduction of what is yet to come from the rising star. It is a fantastic reminder that some of the best electronic music makes you want to do more than dance. Sometimes you have to simply nod your head and listen carefully. “Tonight” will be a mellow contrast to his self-titled debut EP released last year.

Your Girl by Tourist.

Tonight by Tourist.