Since mentioning a new EP is soon to be released. Dear Martin of Sweden returns with “You Turn the Love On,” his second track of the year. The singer-songwriter’s return to music came out of the blue. When breaking his indefinite hiatus in March with “So Much for the World.” A poignant track. Resonating with themes of environmental and climate change issues. By contrast, the second Dear Martin offering sees him waxing lyrical about less heavy topics. He is bringing us joy and happiness.

He told us,

“The intention I had when I wrote this was to be very honest… no filters, so to speak. Just pure happiness. I didn’t want to bother about trying to be cool or tough. This is just me smiling!”

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I don’t know about you, readers, but I love to hear musicians and pop artists smile through their music and spread their feel-good vibes. Tuning in to the lyrics of the song “You Turn the Love On.” It transpires; Dear Martin also prefers a lifestyle less isolated and lonely.

“Finally, I am able to define it. You turn the love on…. you came back, you never gave up you made it work. Talking about, you turned the love around”. The track lyrics affirm.

The song evokes a sense of true wonderment and jubilation. The pulsing, synthy melody is something that without thought, I can become swept up in. Although actually, there’s something else engaging me about the composition of the track. Namely the rhythmic, chug, chug, chug of the percussion elements. I am very much a fan also of the hi-hat that gets a pounding throughout the most rousing sections of the track.

It is fair to say, the music style Dear Martin uses exudes something of a nostalgic charm. “You Turn the Love On” not only ignites a sense of euphoria in me. I just melt every time I hear this song. It’s good stuff.

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