Girl Friend

Newly emerging and making waves with us already. Manchester electronic pop outfit Girl Friend, just recently piqued my interest with their bespoke quirky vision towards sourcing an all embracing 80 retro style within the mellifluously curated pop melody, upheld on their track “Monte Carlo”. Which I felt was fizzing over with potential.

Having established some online appraisal the band continue to build some momentum towards their soon to be released debut EP “Arrive Alone, Leave Alone” by first unleashing another of its colourful electronic assisted companions by way of the indie strapping track “You Lead The Way”.

In placing Girl Friend within the pop scheme of things, I am drawn to express a comparison to the gauzy pop of the French of electronic noir band The Aikiu, uppermost in the most strikingly apparent context as Girl Friend’s own lead singer Amory does carry off a certain amount of noir sought worldliness from the retro cut of image through to the glacially sensual presented vocals.

Hits of stark lyrical content gleaned of melancholy self-ruminating from Amory, literately bounce off a woozily sleek synth profile of throwback accentuated vibes. Added with the extra cherry on top, of gossamery embellished harmony at the direction of Amory’s sister Eleanor that in-turn, pivot “You Lead The Way” from sensual indie-pop bon bon to a spellbindingly sublime retro glamourous soundscape.

Girl Friend are certainly sounding ever the more beguiling at every listen, don’t you think?!