I have been living in the best dream recently, because of covering 80s bands Duran Duran, Erasure and Tears For Fears on the blog (all of whom have new music out). I think it is time to turn the tables again. That we take a closer look at a new, emerging pop act that has had some significant buzz behind them this week.

You might have seen her on breakfast TV, as I did. Self Esteem (aka Rebecca Taylor) was named BBC Music Introducing Artist Of The Year 2021. I have been aware but have not mentioned her on here before. This is not because I have not been impressed by her in any way. My hesitancy, being more about finding the right style of track to suit our coverage. In celebrating the release of the sophomore album “Prioritise Pleasure“, a new focus track has arrived. “You Forever“. Quelle surprise, it is also absolutely EQ worthy enough in all facets for me to write about.

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She has approached it before, yet, “You Forever” is without a doubt the most electronic-pop styled release Self Esteem has put out. A lyrically heavy track, written around catchy, ear-worm worthy loops of synthy, melodic hooks. The signature indie-pop styled dialogue, (a characteristic that appears throughout the works of Self Esteem), remains intact. She has struck up a cool, reputation with the millenials, it makes no sense to change any of that.

“I’m just talking about me, my band, the people I found since going solo, how we’ve made this difference. I’ve done it all without a traditional ‘support network’ and found my own. I think that’s a life hack”. She says of the song.

The track has been going around in my head all day. What I especially, love is the honesty of the narrative. The album “Prioritise Pleasure” is out today, I will definitely be checking it out.

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