By Mandy Rogers

As cheery as that soft drinks truck emblazoned with the
message “The Holiday’s are coming” winding it’s way from Country to Country and
Town to Town, we have another pop delivery of festive cheer from those bright
pop sparks of Alphabeat

Dispelling my opinion that for the most part, seasonally
marketed songs suck Christmas baubles bringing out the bah humbug in me – the
candy Danes of Alphabeat with their sunny disposition intact, throw a curved
bauble of wonky pop festive pleasure with their joyous peels of feel good pop
on newly unwrapped holiday single “Xmas (Let’s Do It Again)".

Capturing the exciting wonderment borne through your early
childhood days, it’s nigh on impossible for the
seasonally affected like myself not to find ourselves glowing with celebratory
spirit, once Alphabeat pour this bubbly bright tipple into our ears.

X-Mas (Let's Do It Again) - Single - Alphabeat