The term seasoned pop prodigy is one that wouldn’t make a lot of sense when referring to an average up-and-coming artist, but then we already know extensively through his to catalogue to date that MNEK is extraordinarily gifted of talent and has been seen as such from his early teenage years.

Aside from the charting collaborative effort with Gorgon City, MNEK’s recent funkalicious solo debut “Every Little Word” served merely as an introduction as it is now confirmed that it is track “Wrote A Song About You” which serves as the official single.

The East Londoner exercises his prowess further, confidently and with all of the touches of a seasoned-pro, rising up through the velvety smooth melody and slicker than slick sumptuous mix of 90’s house and urban directed sound.

Although, not so instant in it’s appeal as the preceding introductory track “Every Little Word”, “Wrote A Song About You” does showcase MNEK on top form. There really is no faulting either the production or delivery – MNEK is masterful of this.

Maybe though, coming in from a clubbing perspective the retro stroked immaculate cut of throbbing synths teamed with MNEK’s rich urban soul vocal tones are just the right needed move away from the generic thumper thumper bleating club beats which heavily dominate the dance / club genres, only listening and buying power will rightly tell on this.

Talent, delivery and production though, without question 3 x superb.