The ever evolving pop duo of Katie White and Jules de Martino, better known in the pop sphere as The Ting Tings, pretty much go for a full turn-about in sound with each new project. We’ve experienced with them their indie-pop beginnings, through to the electro-pop phase and bunked out of the most recent punk-pop juncture.

True to their wide-ranging formula The Ting Tings return in advance of release of their forthcoming third album, showing out to a funk disco groove assisted new style that is introduced through the lead track “Wrong Club”.

Material for the new album was written while the duo were staying out in Ibiza and by chance befriended Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor whilst out there and who joins in as an integral part of the album assisting as co-producer alongside Jules.

All the aforementioned goes some way in explaining the overall presence lifted of this summery nu-disco sound scape that The Tings Tings now bring to us.

In truth this is probably the most mainstream that the band have ever been, yet by the same token it suits them on a level of artistic development that is true to the diversely engaging nature of The Tings Tings.

With it “Wrong Club” brings a dousing of glitter dust fall out amongst a dancefloor funky profile. It rings with the Studio 54 familiar and equally bounces off the wall of 2014 with a bombast of retro funk fusion that is currently gaining a notable resurgence in the present music climate.