cher woman's world

Attention Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves!

The official queen of dance has given her loyal fans her triumphant return to the music world. Cher, queen of all that is right in the world, treated the world to the first single off her upcoming 25th studio album, Closer to the Truth, her first project in over 10 years, set for a September release.

Woman’s World“, her first new release since “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” of the Burlesque soundtrack, proudly shows the singer her way back to her roots of commanding all dance floors in the land. Critics and fans have been telling the artist Music’s No Good Without You and it seems she has finally listened to their constant pleas. Rather than being a Song For the Lonely, the talented artist is trying to get everyone together no matter what hardships they have faced in their life.

Released yesterday,, along with a live performance on NBC’s The Voice after a premature leak back in November, the song kicks off with an upbeat tempo that holds together the entire new track. Cher may be 66 years old, but you could never tell with this infectious, club-ready song which will surely put her at the top of the charts again where she belongs. “I’m dancing solo, in the dark on the club floor“, goes the opening line of the song of empowerment, showing the artist is Strong Enough to rise above a hurtful, broken relationship.

Woman’s World” seems to be the perfect comeback single, it is a Different Kind of Love Song. The track is catchy, it highlights the singer’s strengths, but is not too amazing to where we would start to assume it will be the greatest effort off her new project. Cher is making sure the new album will be a fun listen from beginning to end, recently comparing it to her 1998 album, Believe. Can you imagine how jaw-dropping good that would be?!

After waiting nearly a year for more information from the singer, including news of a P!nk collaboration and problems with her duet with Lady Gaga, this new, spectacular track brings back the love for the iconic artist. The song may be somewhat similar to songs at the top of the charts at the moment, but the vocals and the legend power separate it from the generic and the just plain bad. It is fierce, it is a strong release, and it is making me cry for all the right reasons.