Every time I take my eye off Leeds based electronic-pop trio, Polo and am prompted to look in on them again, I am taken aback by how much they keep on getting better and better. I have been writing about the band on and off since 2014, and during this time I have learned that their music never sits in the same place for, more than a minute. The trio has such good creative energy that I feel, they will never run out of ideas to explore. Their first release of 2020, is “Witch Hunt,” a bold yet haunting piece of alt-electronic-pop addressing the global climate emergency.

Whether Polo plump for facilitating dance beats or are taking their music crafting down a more experimental route, they have the knack about them to pull through with the goods. They are so accomplished in what they do, that I wish more people became wise about them.

A track, speaking out, about climate change was never going to be a jolly one, so “Witch Hunt” stands as one of Polo’s more innovatively leaning efforts. Dan Egdell‘s singular drummed taps, keeps time ticking along. Luke Lount‘s precision-made synth beats are very apt at creating an eerie mood with chilling effects and subtle blasts of reverb. As the band’s main vocalist Kat McHugh‘s soulful pop voice takes the helm to deliver the bleak, sobering message. If we don’t act, in the best interests of the planet that we live on now, we will all suffer the consequences. By redefining how to merge pop with intention by continually expanding their horizons. Polo allows their distinctive, off-kilter electronic-music to confront an uneasy topic. In this method, what Polo delivers always feels fresh.

I urge you, to waste no time, get involved in this intelligent electronic pop music with a soul.

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