Soul pop chanteuse Iman has given us sound bytes of old soul and sultry soul before through singles “Naïve” and “Golden”. It now feels as though the time is ready that Iman gets to unleash her inner disco diva upon us. That would be a good idea wouldn’t it?

Let’s step right to it! Iman has a new single out called “Wishing” and it definitely fits the dance diva remit. In that it gives an impeccable impression of the classic 90’s dance house style that forms excellent company for Iman’s enviable vocals. These being as velvety smooth as you like, whilst exuding class, matched by a self-assured performance. Iman sure does bring it all.

There is no questioning of Iman’s undeniable talent with a track like “Wishing” in her repertoire. The music world at large beckons for artistes of the calibre and qualities that Iman possesses.

Get “Wishing” out there in the clubs and some additional hot remix package action onto it pronto. Planet pop needs to catch on to this lady, her vocal command is bloody amazing. Come on, come on, some club exposure would lead to the way towards reaching the level of recognition that Iman duly deserves.