Jessie Ware

By Mandy Rogers

There is no doubt about it, Jessie Ware has been gaining huge support since dropping her debut single at the end of last year.

I was one of them that was enthralled in the first instance by her debut “Strangest Feeling”, but of the follow-up’s  “Running” and “110%” I have to confess they haven’t fully worked for me.

Coming up from the underground and working with a prime collective of garage/ dubstep producers SBTRKT, Sampha and Joker, has offered a varied showcase to bring out Jessie’s contemporary soul diva vocal to it’s fullest.  However, I’ve personally felt more in tune with the likes of Jess Mills and Ayah Marar who have come up through similar situations.

Pre-cursory to debut album “Devotion” (August 20 through PMR Records), lifts a new track “Wildest Moments”, it plays down the garage vibe and heaps on a left-of-field slant that wholly compliments Jessie’s urban vocal tones with majesty and through a beautifully luxuriously strewn sonic snuggle blanket of crushed velvet.

Summed up in four small words: Heaven upon my ears.

I feel that I can now re-connect with Jessie Ware